about us

why nestment

nestment is for people who want to receive luxury level service at any price point. with our strict agent standards, we have sifted through the haystack to identify the rare agents who treat their clients with white gloves. 

when you use nestment, you get all the benefits of having a great agent with none of the work finding him/her. our number one goal is to improve your buying or selling experience. in fact, client satisfaction is so important to us that we discontinue referring an agent if a client says they wouldn't suggest them to a friend. 

about nestment

nestment was born after our founder, caity,  began asking friends and family how they found their real estate agents. the answers revealed a huge problem: people admitted that since they had such a distrust of agents, they preferred to do the majority of the process themselves, not even talking to an agent until they found the home. unfortunately, some things aren't especially DIY-friendly and without the utilization of an expert agent, people leave a lot of money on the table.

it appears the reputation of the industry finally caught up to itself, especially among millennials. we can't argue that the negative reputation of real estate agents as a whole isn't deserved. we've encountered plenty of slimy ones ourselves. 

enter nestment. we aim to help home buyers and sellers navigate the real estate world seamlessly. we do so by connecting them to experienced agents who actually work for them, maintain their trust, and never, ever pressure them. the days of real estate agents behaving like used car salesmen are over. and since every agent in our database lives up to our standards, we go one step further. we match our clients with agents we hand picked for them based on expertise preferences. need someone who knows how to navigate the public school systems, or are you more concerned with someone who knows a ton about construction? nestment matches you to an agent with the strengths you are looking for.