7 Forgotten Spots to Clean Before Hosting Guests

The time of turkey and stuffing are upon us and with the ushering in of fall it can become hard to focus on keeping the inside of our homes clean. If you find some time to get your home into tip top shape make sure you don’t miss the areas your mother-in-law will be sure to notice. These are top 7 neglected areas that you should clean before turkey time.


1. Baseboards 

People tend to clean what they see in front of them and forget to look down. The most common item that tends to collect dirt and get missed is none other than baseboards. It helps to dry dust them with a microfiber and then go over them with a damp cloth to get them looking as fresh as grandma's apple pie.

2. Fans n’ Fixtures

The tops of fans and the attached light fixtures are super easy to miss. If you look up there and you have dust bunnies staring back at you, it may be time to dust them away. A clean microfiber usually does the trick, but following up with a damp cloth will wipe out any residue.

3. Blinds

They should have named them dust magnets. We equip all of our teams with microfiber blind dusters ($5.00 at your local home improvement store). They work wonders and make your blinds look brand new. Victory dance!

4. Your Oven

Imagine your family watching you pull your beautiful and juicy turkey out of your ugly and crusty oven. If you cringe thinking about it, the time has come for an oven overhaul. Natural products do a great job with a dirty oven. Spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the surfaces of the oven and sprinkle some baking soda on top. Wait 5 minutes and viola!

5. Bathrooms

With all the focus you are putting into cleaning your home it can be easy to miss the bathrooms. A great trick is to sit down on the toilet and take a look around. Your family is going to see what you see. Don’t forget to clean below and behind the toilet bowl!

6. Doors and Trim

Doors are the first and last thing your family see when they come over. Go over your door and door frame with a microfiber cloth and all purpose cleaner to wipe out any smudges or spots. Don’t forget to dust the top of your door frame as dust loves hiding up there.

7. The Fridge

Nothing is worse than storing all your delicious Thanksgiving food in a dirty fridge. Use a water and vinegar mix to wipe down the inside of the fridge and freezer. Place an opened box of baking soda to keep any bad smells at bay and prepare yourself for that “brand new fridge” feeling!


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