7 Gadgets for the New Homeowners on Your Shopping List

Here are our top 8 favorite gadgets that any tech savvy homeowner is guaranteed to love. Yes, all of these gifts are Amazon Prime Eligible and will be at your door within 2 days. Jackpot. 

1. Amazon Echo, $179.99


Oprah's never wrong and this one made her list of her favorite things. The Amazon Echo allows you to play music, ask questions, control your lights, and much more all with your voice. Hello, future. Buy it now.

EDIT: The Amazon Echo just went out of stock and isn't available until Jan 5, 2016 guess a lot of you listened to me.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat, $244.98


Give the gift of endless energy bill savings. These thermostats learn your preferences, are easy to control from out of the house, and will lower energy bills. They are easy to install, taking most people under 30 minutes and many states have rebates offered for having one. Buy it now.

3. WeMo Light Switches, $36.98/ea


These switches allow the homeowner to turn their lights on from anywhere in the world. They never need to worry about entering a dark house again plus, imagine the fun they could have scaring the babysitter. Buy just one to get them started or a few. The switches are also compatible with the Amazon Echo for handsfree lighting. Buy it now.

4. Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controller, $100.93


If the parents in Home Alone had this, they would have known that feeling that they forgot something couldn't have been the garage doors. Anyone would love the ability to double check they closed their garage on their smartphone. It can also allow you to open or close the door from anywhere, say to let a houseguest in. Buy it now.

5. Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan, $299.99


So sleek, so mysterious, so sexy. Did I just call a fan sexy? Yes, it's the most expensive fan you've ever heard of. But consider it a piece of art. Buy it now.

6. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, $193.01


These locks will allow your gift recipient to lock and unlock their front door with their smartphone. It also allows unlimited guest keys for house guests, roommates, housekeepers, etc all while keeping a history of who comes and goes for you to see. Easy to install and barely able to tell it's not a normal lock. Buy it now.

7. iRobot Roomba Vacuum, $339.99


As your loved ones have probably already figured out, owning a home is always more work than you expected. Help them take one tedious chore off of their list with DJ Roomba, the robot vacuum. Buy it now.

Pricing, availability and Prime Eligibility obviously subject to change. Photos courtesy of Amazon.


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