here are some questions we get a lot

if you can't find what you are looking for, please submit your question and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days

+ good things are never free. what's the catch?

there is no catch. our service is free to you. if and only if you buy or sell a home with an agent we provided you, that agent pays us a small portion of their commission as a referral fee.

you read that correctly, if you don't use our agents, we don't get paid. that's the way we think it should be. we only get compensated when we do a great job.

+ which areas do you service?

nestment is constantly expanding our database. for up to date information on the areas we service, please visit our locations page.

if you are in need of a real estate agent but do not live within our area, we'd still love to help you! we are happy to put agents in your area through the same interviewing process that we use to qualify our agents. the only difference is that we use videochat, not in person interviews. this typically takes up to 4 business days. simply click on the "find my agent" button and get started.

+ what do you mean when you say nestment is "no commitment?"

are you afraid of commitment? if so, maybe buying a home isn't for you anyway.

joking aside, when you fill out the "find my agent" questionnaire, you are in no way obligated to use the agent we match you with. nestment only wants happy clients. if you try our service and don't find an agent you like, we will be sad to see you go but you will owe us nothing. heck, even if you do use our services you owe us nothing. remember from a few questions above? free to you.

once you do meet the one (agent that is) and decide to move forward, then you may have to commit to the agent by way of a contract. real estate laws and common practices vary greatly state to state and therefore nestment does not regulate our agents to this level. that's up to their brokers. if any agent, nestment approved or not, ever tries to pressure you into signing a contract which you do not fully understand, that should be a big red flag. run don't walk.

+ do you offer a rebate?

no. we recruit the best of the best and our agents are skilled at negotiating. we firmly believe our talented agents bring much more to the table than discount agents. they have extensive knowledge of the market and use their experience to help you make the best decision. they often negotiate list price, request repairs, and identify overpriced homes. this is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, and one that will impact your day to day existence for years to come. now is not the time to step over dollars to get to dimes.

+ what if I don't like the agent you matched me to?

if we had the magic algorithm to perfectly match two human beings, we would use our power for evil not real estate. if you don't like your nestment agent, simply contact us for a new one. we'd also love some candid feedback on why you weren't a match.

+ how do you match me?

we use your answers from the "find my agent" questionnaire to pick an agent with the exact expertise you desire. this is done by a human, not a computer. the person matching you will have already met the agent in person, checked the agent's references and experience, stalked them on facebook, etc.

+ how do your agents save me time?

before starting nestment, one of the most common complaints that came out of our research was that agents didn't respect home buyers' and sellers' time. the worst. so we made sure that nestment approved agents are different.

  1. all of our clients start the process with an in person initial consultation. your agent will learn all about the things you need in a house, much more than just saying "3 bed 2 bath." if our agent knows you absolutely hate kitchens without islands, or you need a master suite on the first floor, they will be able to filter out so many houses that other agents might waste your time bringing you to.
  2. nestment approved agents are full-time, professional agents. part of their job is to know the market and the inventory. we insist they personally see all of the houses that might fit your needs ahead of time without you. we've all been there, when you respond to an apartment listing on craigslist and you get there and realize pictures lie. and they can't capture smells! (of course, we don't want this policy to prevent you from seeing super hot listings! if the house just hit the market, your agent may bring you to it without previewing it first.)

+ why would a great agent be willing to pay nestment a referral fee?

little known fact, agent to agent referral fees are the norm in the real estate world. some of the largest agent teams in the country built their businesses by networking with out of area agents and asking for referrals.

we have yet to meet an agent who doesn't accept referrals in exchange for a referral fee. agents don't operate at maximum capacity, and they often spend the majority of their time looking for new clients. common ways they search include paying for leads from large real estate websites, telemarketing (yuck!), door to door sales, talking to strangers at coffee shops, mailing endless postcards, etc. when we send a client to an agent, they are happy to pay a referral fee instead of spending more hours in search of that client on their own. make sense?

+ do all of your agents belong to the same brokerage?

no. we are interested in finding the best agents and we've discovered that no single brokerage brand has a monopoly on talent. we accept agent applications from any licensed brokerage, and let the agents' records speak for themselves.

please note: nestment is associated with keller williams beach cities in hermosa beach, ca. our founder, caitlin salvatore, is a licensed real estate salesperson (ca bre #01953948) and all referral fees run through this office. but when it comes to agents, nestment has no bias or preference for keller williams' agents. our priority is finding the best agent for you.