real estate agents are not created equally

we are a service that introduces you to a real estate agent who meets our standards, who we've met, reference checked, and would use ourselves.

so what do you say,

tell us what you need and we will match you to one of our prescreened, top agents in your area within only 4 business hours. 

 for more information on where we offer this service, please visit our locations page


nestment's role is to match you with a perfect real estate agent.


you spend 5-10 minutes filling out our find my agent questionnaire. 

this includes all the normal information about your location, your budget, etc. but then we mix it up. you tell us about what areas of expertise are important to you. (ie. public school pro)



we hand select an agent who meets your needs.

no computer algorithm involved. someone from nestment actually reviews your answers and matches you to an agent from our database who will be a perfect fit for your situation.

if we are not yet in your area, we'd still love to help. we will research and screen agents anywhere in the US for you. this can take up to 4 business days. for more information, please visit our locations page.



you and your agent connect.

we reach out to you with your agent's information. you can either contact the agent directly or play hard to get and wait for them to come to you. we require they contact you within 24 hours of the match to schedule the initial consultation.



meet in person for an initial consultation.

buyers, you and your agent will meet for 45-60 minutes to discuss your dream house. "3 bed 2 bath with a garage" won't suffice for a nestment agent. they want to know your preferences down to kitchen appliances, flooring, yard space, floor plans, neighborhoods, great grandmother's maiden name, etc. during this time. the more they know, the more homes they can rule out and the more time they save you.

sellers, your agent will come to your house, tour the property, and collaborate with you on the best pricing strategy to get your home sold fast and for the most money. they will go over the comparable homes recently sold in your neighborhood, their marketing plan, staging, terms of the listing agreement, and convenient times to schedule showings.


we monitor your progress.


we don't just hand you over and disappear. we stay in touch for moral support and with the hopes of being invited to your housewarming party. nestment communicates with your agent about once a week to make sure your process is going as smoothly as possible. you personally will hear from us a few more times: after your initial consultation to make sure your agent was a great match, once a month until you enter into escrow, and when your home closes. 


nestment agents get five stars

we work hard to make sure our agents aren't the average real estate agents. every agent in our database meets our five star standards.

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you wouldn't hire a part-time doctor. nestment agents are full-time professionals who have sold 30 or more homes in the last 3 years.

play well with others.

we check their references. we talk to 2 past clients and 2 agents who have worked with them on recent transactions prior to accepting them into the database. after that, we get candid reviews from all of the clients we send them. 

no commission breath.

we interview every agent, in person, before we enter them into our database. pushy salesmen need not apply.

time savers.

pictures lie. unless the listing hit the market that day, we expect our agents to physically preview properties before bringing you. 

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100% or bust.

we only keep agents in our database if the clients we've sent them loved them. if nestment clients say they wouldn't refer their agent to a friend, we won't either.