a clear path to buying investment property with friends and family.

Pool your downpayment and start exploring property together.


Stop talking about it and finally start the process.


Invest in Low Price / High Return Markets


Example market

Nashville, TN

Median home price: $266,000

Down payment (20%): $53,200

Your portion of the down payment if you have 4 people in your group: $13,300

Airbnb rental income: $2,288 / month

Property appreciation: 7.00% / year

Co-buy a home with family

Why Nestment?

- We walk your group through each step of the co-buy process.

- Use our toolkit to easily prepare all of the financial and legal documents your group needs.

- Access our real estate professionals when you need questions answered.

Use Nestment to streamline the logistics.


1. Financial information

Each person in your group provides basic financial information we combine into a group financial summary. Lenders need this for quotes and approving mortgages.


2. property preferences

Set your group property preferences and align on exactly what you are looking for (city, price, units, etc). You’ll use this criteria to give to an agent or shop yourselves.


3. legal documents

Customize our legal documents with your group’s specifications (ownership breakdown, liability, selling criteria, etc). Get everyone on the same page and cover your bases.


Clarity is key.

Nestment gets everyone on the same page in one place so there are no surprises.

- One simple dashboard to coordinate logistics.

- Process indication shows what steps still need to be completed.

- Understand legal and financial responsibilities.

Nestment is free. No catch.

Use Nestment for free. We make commission from the lenders and real estate agents we connect you to. You can always use your own lender and agent. Simple right?


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