A clear path to Buying investment property with friends and family

We believe home ownership should be within reach. Pool your down payment, earn rental income, and finally invest in property.


Everything your group needs to buy property together. All in one place.

Co-buy a home with family

Why Nestment?

Simplify your co-buying process in a central dashboard where we automatically coordinate the moving pieces.

- Organize financials, legal docs, and property preferences.

- Communicate with lenders and agents as a group.

- Benefit from our simple step-by-step format.

How Nestment Works

We streamline the entire process of purchasing a home from mortgage quotes to legal documents, real estate agents, and ancillary service providers like property mangers.


Starting is Simple


1. create a nestment group

Give us a few specifics like how much you’d like to spend and where you’re thinking about buying.


2. submit individual info

Each person in your Nestment group submits basic financial information that we collate into a group profile.


3. Start shopping

We get you pre-approved mortgage quotes, generate the legal docs you’ll need, and connect you with real estate agents.


Get Early Access to Nestment


Invest in Low Price / High Return Markets


Example market

Nashville, TE

Median home price: $266,000

Down payment (20%): $53,200

Your portion of the down payment if you have 4 people in your group: $13,300

Airbnb rental income: $2,288 / month

Property appreciation: 7.00% / year


Easily assign legal and financial responsibilities

There’s a lot that goes into owning an investment property so we make it simple to manage and view who is responsible for what. Divide financial obligations like maintenance costs, management fees, insurance, and more, as well as define when your group can collectively sell the property.

Clarity is the key to trust. Get everyone on the same page in one place.

Nestment is Free. No catch.

There’s no signup fee. Use Nestment all the way from A to Z in your home buying journey.

How does Nestment make money then? We make a small commission fee from the service providers, like real-estate agents. You get connected to the best in the business and they get pre-qualified customers serious about buying a home, like you.



Get Early Access to Nestment

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